Lake Superior Spirit

Years ago, in my early blogging days (OK, maybe four years ago) a friend snipped that on-line friends aren’t truly “real”.

Would you be offended to hear that?

I was crushed.  I KNEW my blogging friends were real.  So you can’t reach out and hug them on impulse.  You can’t wander in the woods with them.  You maybe can’t sip tea on the deck while swatting at mosquitoes and no-see-ums.  (Don’t get me started about no-see-ums.  The tiny dratted nearly invisible creatures pelted me with stings in the garden the other night creating an itching sensation that lasted for nearly an hour.  Bad biting insects.  Finish your hatch and decease this evil behavior, please.)

Back to blogging friends and their virtual reality.

Perhaps this attitude helped create a desire to actually meet my blogging buddies in person. To see them clothed in physical bodies with (oh my goodness!) accents and…

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