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E A T & R E L I S H

Sort of along the lines of “What do you get a girl that has everything?” is the perhaps not-asked-as-oft question:

“What do you get a girl that positively swoons over scoops of ice cream?”

Of course anything less than ‘ice cream’ or something ice cream related just won’t cut it – lest you wish risking to see her little heart deflate upon showing up with a piece of cake, a slice of pie, or even a perfect petit four.

And if said friend is my adorable friend Courtney, and said ice cream is of the coffee/chocolate/salted caramel persuasion – well, then, you just know you’re going to hit the proverbial ball out of the park.

So last week, when we met up for a Monday afternoon lunch date to celebrate the advent of little Miss Court’s birthday (ahem….our carefree twenties?…your days are numbered), I knew I had an…

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Emma's Hope Book

I am leaving for Jerusalem tomorrow.  I will be covering the Icare4Autism Conference and am meeting Kamila and Henry Markram, the neuroscientists and creators of The Intense World Theory for Autism.  I intend to continue to post as usual, Monday through Friday, but because of the time change and depending on my level of jet lag, my posting times may be a bit wonky.

I am very nervous about this trip.  Not because of the traveling, but because we will be away from Emma for a full week, which marks the longest we’ve spent away from her since she was born ten and a half years ago.  I have gone over our itinerary with her.  I have spoken to her about how many days before we return, we have studied the calendar together.  We have discussed what she will do while we are gone.  But still, I am…

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Emma's Hope Book

Emma just left, bounding out the door with Joe to catch the bus that takes them  to her day camp.  “I love you Em!” I called to her retreating figure.  “Bye!” she said, not turning back to look at me.  And I stood there in the doorway watching the outer door close behind her.  The constriction in my throat, coupled with the desire to run after her, hold her tightly against me, instruct her to “wrap both arms around and squeeze,” is so strong I have to talk myself out of it.  You and Em are different in the way you express your love for each other.  There is no one way.  You know this.  Shut the door, come back inside.  It’s okay.  It’s going to be okay.  I do know this.  I know Emma loves me.  I know she will miss me.  I know she is…

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Emma's Hope Book

Day 1

The Citadel in the Old City of Jerusalem looking toward the Tower of David.  We kept saying to each other, “I wonder where all the people are.”  It turns out it was Shabbat and Ramadan, though that didn’t entirely answer our question.

View of The Dome of the Rock

During our explorations, we found ourselves in the Old City Market along with hundreds of Muslims, Christians, Jews and tourists speaking German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, English and those were only the languages I could identify.  It turns out we were on the Via Dolorosa, the path Christ is said to have taken to his crucifixion.

Mountains of Spice,

Fresh Fruits,


and yes, even bras, but look how colorful they are and so beautifully arranged.

We went to the Church Of the Holy Sepulchre & The Chapel of St. Helena where we descended this…

leading to a…

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Emma's Hope Book

Richard’s “I falafel”  joke struck back.  He spent the day sick in bed while I spent the day seeing all of this.

A day in photos…

Entrance to Church of All Nations

Mount of Olives (A massive cemetary)  As I climbed the narrow street along the cemetary, a man with a donkey appeared.

Tree of Thorns outside the Dominus Flevit Chapel

Dominus Flevit Chapel (“The Lord Wept”)  The dome designed in the shape of a tear drop as Christ was said to have sat nearby and wept over the fate of Jerusalem.  David, the nice gentleman who allowed me to come into the Chapel, despite the fact they were closed to tourists said, “You may sit here out of the hot sun while I feed my dogs.  If you like you may say a prayer.  Just don’t cry.”  To which I said, “Thank you so much.  I’ll sit right here,”…

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Perhaps it’s because I’m still new to blogging that I haven’t lost the sense of wonder yet. It’s summer here and things are kind of nice late at night.

I was sitting at my computer in a room with a big glass window. The city skyline was spread out in front of me glittering like a long necklace across the empty river.

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