Emma's Hope Book

This past weekend Em and I went to stay with my friend Bobbie on Fire Island.  I wrote about all my worries and concerns at length in a post last week that I’ve linked Bobbie’s name to in the above sentence.  It was a really long list of What ifs.  I knew if things got to be too much, Em and I could always head back to the city by ferry and then train.  I had a plan B.  I was prepared.  Fourteen years living with Richard, the ultimate boy scout, seemed to finally have worn off on me.  I packed lightly.  I had my computer, my iPad, a book, Douglas Biklen’s Autism and the Myth of the Person Alone;  I printed out stacks of scientific papers by the neuroscientists, Kamila and Henry Markram as I will be interviewing them in Jerusalem in another ten days and because this…

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