Emma's Hope Book

Emma just left, bounding out the door with Joe to catch the bus that takes them  to her day camp.  “I love you Em!” I called to her retreating figure.  “Bye!” she said, not turning back to look at me.  And I stood there in the doorway watching the outer door close behind her.  The constriction in my throat, coupled with the desire to run after her, hold her tightly against me, instruct her to “wrap both arms around and squeeze,” is so strong I have to talk myself out of it.  You and Em are different in the way you express your love for each other.  There is no one way.  You know this.  Shut the door, come back inside.  It’s okay.  It’s going to be okay.  I do know this.  I know Emma loves me.  I know she will miss me.  I know she is…

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