E A T & R E L I S H

Sort of along the lines of “What do you get a girl that has everything?” is the perhaps not-asked-as-oft question:

“What do you get a girl that positively swoons over scoops of ice cream?”

Of course anything less than ‘ice cream’ or something ice cream related just won’t cut it – lest you wish risking to see her little heart deflate upon showing up with a piece of cake, a slice of pie, or even a perfect petit four.

And if said friend is my adorable friend Courtney, and said ice cream is of the coffee/chocolate/salted caramel persuasion – well, then, you just know you’re going to hit the proverbial ball out of the park.

So last week, when we met up for a Monday afternoon lunch date to celebrate the advent of little Miss Court’s birthday (ahem….our carefree twenties?…your days are numbered), I knew I had an…

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