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treat me as you want to be treated part 7: what it is like to have cp

treat me as you want to be treated part 7: what it is like to have cp

fyi there will  be seven parts to this blog post different everyday

this post based off of Want to Know About Autism? Ask An Autistic

so I though would share too

I have had cp for 25 year (From Birth)

I had many operations to fix my cp as cp cant get worse over time

read more about my life in my new book I,Win out SEPT 22

love my fans



Emma's Hope Book

There’s a blog I love, written by E. called The Third Glance.   I found it last winter.  Written by a PHD student, E. describes her life, her passions, her studies, while detailing her thought process while socializing with friends during an afternoon at a café or memories of growing up with abusive parents who didn’t understand her.  E.’s compassion for humans and their neurological differences is striking as one considers the stigma she experienced growing up Autistic.  The Third Glance was one of the first blogs I found in my search for Autistic Adults.  E’s compassion and kindness shines through all her posts no matter the subject.  Her determination to give people the benefit of the doubt was something I was astonished by, particularly during those first few months of my discovering Autistic blogs and reading that so much of what I’d done was not as altruistic as I’d…

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