The Missing Sock

This morning I had a doctor’s appointment.  While Peanut and I were in the waiting area, she pulled out a Highlights magazine.  (I used to love those magazines when I was a kid.)  Anyway, she gave it to me, and I was looking through it.  I saw an activity that I thought was really cute, and I suddenly had the urge to hit the “Like” button.

I froze.

“Seriously, you idiot!” I thought to myself, “you can’t ‘Like’ a picture in a magazine.”

So it got me thinking about what a huge influence technology and social media have on our lives.  I get that we need technology to function in the world today.  I appreciate it, and the conveniences it provides me, but when is it too much?  (Maybe when you want to ‘Like’ a picture in a magazine.)  But in all seriousness, I’m not on Facebook nearly as much…

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