Scuff, Rattle And Scratch: Apple’s iPhone 5 QA Leaves A Lot To Be Desired


This morning, Apple’s marketing chief Phil Schiller reportedly told a user that the iPhone 5’s aluminum back naturally makes it more prone to scratches. That’s all fine and dandy, but that’s only a small part of the problem. The real problem Apple seems to be having is with its quality assurance programs over at Foxconn. Now that more pre-ordered phones are arriving, it’s becoming pretty clear that despite Apple’s assurances that every phone is being built with nanometer precision, something is off with this first batch of iPhone 5s. How do I know? I just got one.

My UPS guy stopped by an hour ago and delivered my phone. Here are the problems right out of the box: something is rattling around the bottom of the phone, there are dents on the back where the aluminum back meets the class parts at the top and bottom, there are a few…

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