Emma's Hope Book

While there is no actual carousel in Aspen, Emma has devised ways to bring the concept here nevertheless.  As I write this, Emma is sitting downstairs where my mother has set up a toy carousel on a little table next to the Christmas tree.  It has lights and plays music, which Emma sings to as she knows all the songs.  The horses and animals move around as the lights flash and the music plays.  Prior to our leaving for Aspen Emma said, “Go to Aspen, go downstairs for carousel.”

“That’s right Em.  Granma keeps the carousel downstairs.  We’ll need to bring it upstairs to the living room,” I said.

“Get Aspen carousel.  Play on Granma’s carousel!” she said.

Now sitting in front of it, Emma said, “No Emma cannot sit on the carousel!  It’s too small for Emma.  Carousel for babies.”

“It’s too small for even a baby, Em.  It’s…

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