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Ann Coulter and what she called OBAMA on twitter

Ann Coulter and what she called OBAMA on twitter

i dont anyone saw/ heard the news of Ann Coulter and what she called OBAMA
but Ann Coulter is nuts
disabled people are so smart i dont need this from from Ann Coulter

i have cp



treat me as you want to be treated part 3 Fashion

treat me as you want to be treated part 3 Fashion

fyi there will  be seven parts to this blog post different everyday

part 3: Fashion

I don’t go anyway without putting makeup on

just because I’m disabled doesn’t mean that I can’t be fashionable ( if I followed the cp “rule book ” I would look like a mess in a wheelchair)

now my mother was so in to fashion so it’s in my genes to have a Fashion bug

my mom said to me “Win when you walk out of this house just  imagine that there’s a camera on you”

like most 25-year-old women I love Fashion and jewelery and most of all handbags i.e. louis vuitton

I ware legging daily basis but i put  a nice top on with my legging and tennis shoes and carry a nice handbag

and I don’t go anyway without putting makeup on

me myself and I

as you know I am huge member of my community

people say I spend too much time on Facebook but I work of Facebook and twitter to sell my art

people say to me that I saved their lives just reading from my Facebook


“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” ~ Jerry Rice